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Sometimes it can be difficult to translate abstract ideas - artist's statements, teaching philosophies, gallery text, scientific research, complex data  - into words that grab and hold the attention of the general public. I like to help artists and scientists edit their writing with an eye towards bridging that gap, and enabling them to convey their ideas as clearly as possible. 

"Melissa's careful and thorough commitment to bring authenticity to every project makes her the most outstanding writer I've had the opportunity to work with. She helps accurately portray my ideas while maintaining my voice more clearly than I thought possible. Many writers can take your ideas and make them sound good, but when she edits my words I can still own them. That makes a world of difference when they are on the gallery wall or part of an artist's talk." - Dave Tarullo, installation artist 

"When you work with a writer/editor like Melissa, a person who can empathize with visual artists well, you will end up a solid piece of writing. My experiences working with Melissa have always been positive, professional and constructive." - Joshua Kuensting, ceramicist