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Duckworth Big Sky Journal - 2018

Local Knowledge: Ruana Knives Big Sky Journal - 2017

The Hatter and The Hound Ranch & Reata - Oct/Nov 2015

Spirits of the Big Sky Ranch & Reata - Apr/May 2015

Poet, Playwright, Father, Grandfather, Teacher, Chief: Just Who Is Vic Charlo? High Desert Journal - December 2013

New brew Ranch & Reata - Feb/Mar 2016

Seeing things: Michael Earl Craig keeps one foot in the poet world Missoula Independent - November 2015

Neo-Shaker Ranch & Reata - Jun/July 2015

Cattleman's Paradise American Cowboy, Lonesome Dove Collector's Edition - Summer 2014

Newgrass Roots: Sam Bush on vinyl, guitar players, and going west Missoula Independent - August 2014

Unbuilding Ranch & Reata - October 2013

Cowboy Poet Doris Daley on Language, Landscape and Laughter Ranch & Reata - February/March 2012

Montana Watchmaker Jeffrey Nashan Ranch & Reata - February/March 2012

A Young Man's Opportunity: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Montana Big Sky Journal - November/December 2012

Rethinking Indian Art: A Look at Missoula Art Museum's Contemporary American Indian Art Collection Big Sky Journal - July/August 2011

Getting Wood: Sculptor Lee Secrest Just Wants to Feel It Missoula Independent  - July 2011

Outside In: How Sue Reynolds Photographed Her Way into American Indian Cultures Missoula Independent - June 2011

The Writing of "For Jolene" High Desert Journal #16

The Writing of "The Gap-tooth Girl" High Desert Journal - Winter 2011